Can You Have Fun on a Mission Trip?

I wanted to take care of the rumor that mission trips are all work. It’s about 99.9% work, but it’s fun work every moment especially when you are seeing people making decisions for Christ on a daily basis. There are occasions though where funny things happen and I was able to document two instances that I wanted to share. 

While filming an interview with Ross Lewis, one of our IMB missionaries in his car, I had the GoPro setup on the windshield as a second camera. I was asking him questions while holding my DSLR camera and noticed something in the background. The GoPro captured Ira, one of our translators, making an appearance in our interview…

Carol Payne could not remember her room number for the life of her. One morning while returning to her room, she opened the door to Lee Franklin’s room that I had left unlocked. Thankfully, Lee was dressed but still surprised to see Carol coming into our room. It became quite the running joke that Carol was going to walk in again so a scheme was hatched with Howard, her husband, as a collaborator.

Howard gave Lee the key to their room. Lee and I rushed up the stairs to the fifth floor and setup a GoPro to capture Carols reaction to walking in and finding Lee in her room. I ran back downstairs with their key and met Howard in the lobby, quietly passing it back to him. They headed upstairs where Carol proceeded to try and walk in mine and Lee’s room again ruining our plan to surprise her! Howard stopped her and made her go to the right room. The video below is what happens from there:

All this to show, YES, you can have fun on a mission trip!