Everyone needs to be in a Life Group 2

Everyone needs to be in a Life Group

Every single week I get more excited about all that God is doing at Vaughn Forest Church! Seeing so many of you living sent as you serve Jesus is absolutely one of my favorite things in the world. We have some great events and opportunities coming up here at VFC and I hope you will get in on all of it!

First, we want EVERYONE at VFC involved in a Life Group. If you have been in a Life Group before, you know how incredible they are. If you haven’t, then you have no idea what you are missing out on and you definitely need to check one out! To help you with finding a Life Group, we are hosting our Connection Central event on Sunday, August 6th, right after each service where you can meet many of our Life Group leaders and learn more about what kind of group works best for you. Trust me, you will love being connected to others in a Life Group and my prayer is that EVERYONE will join one!

Second, everyone is invited to join us for our Midweek Kick-off Party on Wednesday, August 9th, at 6:00 PM in the Warehouse here at VFC. This event is designed purely for you to hang out with each other and learn a little bit more about the other opportunities that we have for you this fall, things like Spiritual Life Studies, finding a place to serve, and any other next steps for you to take here in the Forest. We will serve hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the fixins…completely free! So make sure you come out and bring a guest!

As always, I am so proud to be your pastor. As I said earlier, God is doing incredible things through you and I love you all. Keep inviting your friends and family to be a part of what God is doing in the Forest. I cannot wait to see all that God will continue to do through His Church. Live Sent!