God is moving!

It is so incredible to see God working here at Vaughn Forest! Every single day I see Him moving through all of you and I hope you know how grateful I am to be the pastor of a church that wants, more than anything, to see people who are far from God come running to Him. Thank you for being willing to choose purpose over preference and to see the name of Jesus lifted high!

This past Sunday, we began taking the entire church through our Next Steps process. So many of you came out to find out what your next step will be and I am very excited to see how God uses all of us as we continue on the journey. Remember, if you missed this past Sunday you can join us in the auditorium this Wednesday night at 6:00 PM to catch up. We will continue our Next Steps Class this Sunday at 9:00 AM in the auditorium with “Grow”, so make plans to join us!

Also, remember that this Sunday is a Baptism Sunday here in the Forest! If you are interested in being baptized, we are excited for you and we want to help. Simply email Norm Bell by clicking here and we will get you set up.

God is doing some incredible things and we never want to take that for granted. Even in all the craziness of this world and with all the tragedy that we have faced recently as a country, we need to remember that God is good and always in control. We all have an opportunity to be a beacon of light that points straight to the only source of true peace in the chaos, and that is Jesus Christ. Keep living for Jesus and keep living sent. As always, it is a joy to be your pastor!