Independence Square

I wrote an article after my visit to Independence Square that the Alabama Baptist newspaper will be carrying soon. They’ve posted it on their website already so here’s an excerpt and a link for you to read:

Heavenly Hundred memorial in Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine
Heavenly Hundred memorial in Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine

As we arrived in Independence Square, you could see well-defined blockades still in place. Tires, scrap metal, burned out shells of cars. The bare cement where the passionate fingers of protestors dug to pull out pavers to throw at the police stands as a reminder. The blood of the “heavenly 100,” as the ones who lost their lives were called, is replaced by make shift memorials. Candles line the street. The Ukrainian army stands outside of the blockade at every entrance.

As we walk the streets, militia in their military uniforms move in and out of their tents that they continue to occupy. Life continues for them in a different format, supported by the donations of the Ukrainian people to feed them. We were quickly approached by an older gentleman in a military uniform who was curious about the American standing in the Square. He asked Sasha why I was there and wanted Sasha to relay the true and accurate story of what happened there.

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Also, here is a link to all the pictures I took while there too: