It’s the Most “Horrible” Time of the Year

In my 19 years of being a pastor, I have made a few observations…

One of them is that February seems to be the worst month of the year.

Let me see if I can explain…

I see more counseling requests during the month of February. I see more couples file for divorce during the month of February. I see more people battle with bouts of depression during the month of February. I see more people turn to escapes like alcoholism, drug abuse or porn during the month of February.

And even if none of these things are going on… People just typically struggle more with feelings of “blah” during February than any other month of the year.

Why is that?

Here are a few possible explanations:

The weather:  make no mistake about it, cold weather day after day affects the way you feel.

Crazy kids:  Due to the cold weather, those of us with little kids can’t let them play outside as much so they go crazy inside.

Sick kids:  To make it even more fun they are usually leaving snot on everything in our house while acting crazy because they can’t go outside.

Financial Stress:  Unexpected financial surprises hurt more in February because most people are still paying off credit card bills from Christmas.

Broken Promises:  Those New Year’s Resolutions have long since passed and the feeling of failing once again has set in.

Bad Sports:  Ladies, you may not understand this one but for guys who love sports, February is a tough month. There are no big games to look forward to.

So, what can you do?

Here are a few suggestions:

Shake things up a bit:  You don’t have to plan something “big” but be intentional about shaking up your weekly routine so you don’t get stuck in a rut.

Start going to bed earlier:  This may sound random, but I have found that anytime you can get more sleep, it will help you feel better in general. And how you feel is a big deal, especially during tough stretches.

Get something fun on the calendar for March or April:  Again don’t think “big” think “fun!” Having something fun to look forward to can pull you through tough weeks.

Get your taxes done now:  Don’t wait until March or April when the weather is nice. Go ahead and get them done now since you are stuck inside anyway.

Speak Encouraging Words:  With your spouse, with your kids, with your friends… If you are feeling “blah” there is a good chance they are too. So lift them up with your words and you will probably start feeling better too.

Hope all of this helps!