Lay Leadership Nominations

With our Annual General Meeting approaching in October, it is once again time to submit names for our lay leadership teams that serve here at Vaughn Forest Church. According to our bylaws, members of Vaughn Forest Church may submit names to our Nominating Team to serve on the Deacon Service Team (DST), Stewardship Team (ST), Trustee Board (TB) and Nominating Team (NT).

The Nominating Team needs nominations for new members to these teams. Please write in a name, and mark which team(s) you are nominating them to be on.

Eligibility: You may nominate for screening any voting member of VFC. The Nominating Team will screen and select each team for the congregation to affirm.


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Team Descriptions:

Deacon Service Team: The DST assist the Lead Pastor in ministry to individuals and family groups. The DST is composed of no less than twelve male members who will be ordained.

Stewardship Team: The ST provides stewardship oversight and direction for all of VFC’s financial resources. The ST is composed of no less than six members and the Lead Pastor or his designate. The ST lead shall serve as Church Treasurer.

Trustee Board: The TB makes and executes all contracts, deeds, bonds, notes, negotiable instruments, mortgages, trust, and all other instruments of indebtedness or conveyance of the incorporated church. The TB is composed of no less than five members, one of whom will serve as President, one as Vice President and one of whom will serve as Church Secretary.

Nominating Team: The NT provides oversight for selection of key VFC leadership. The NT is composed of no less than seven board members, including the Lead Pastor (Chairman) and at least one Governance Board member.

Current Teams:

Deacon Service Team: Sy Banks, Bill Coon, Mark Freeman, Sayge Grubbs, Braxton Guinn, Jim Headrick, Chris Ireland, Jamie Kyser, Anthony Lovelady, Brett Mayhew, Jeff McFarland, Ricky Sanford, Ron Spivey, Danny Weston

Trustee Board: Bill Ficken, Lee Franklin, TeWhan Hahn, Benny McDaniel, Dave Spence

Stewardship Team: Joe Breeding, Randy Cook, Dan Harris, Carol Harrison, Mike Manning, Ben Phillips, Tara Sharpe, Wayne Straw, Wes Oden

Nominating Team: Robyn Barnett, Jan LaPorte, Brett Mayhew, Tandi Mitchell, Alicia Robertson, Jan LaPorte, Lou Webb, Jennie Weller