Picked up your compassion kit yet?

Have you had a chance to go through the Days of Prayer here in the Forest yet? I sure hope so! Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go through the prayer stations in our Prayer Room and it was such an incredible time with God. If you haven’t signed up yet, get your spot by clicking here…I know you will be blessed by it!

This past Sunday was another incredible weekend in the Forest! Each week we are continuing to journey together through the book of Philippians as we look at choosing joy in every circumstance. I hope you will join us this Sunday at either 9:30 or 11:00 AM as the journey continues!

Are you interested in being baptized? Or maybe you just want more information on baptism? Then I invite you to be a part of our Baptism Weekend this Sunday during our Weekend Gatherings! For more info on baptism or to schedule your baptism, email us by clicking here.

Finally, one of the things that I am most excited about right now is how all of us are helping with global missions via Compassion Kits that are part of a movement that is sweeping the Middle East. Men who are living in labor camps are becoming Christ followers by the thousands. These men are then sharing the life changing message of Jesus and planting churches in their native countries!

Here in the Forest, we can help fuel this movement by packing a Compassion Kit. Compassion kits are a way to share a loving gift and a compelling message with men that live in the labor camps of the Middle East. They are small boxes containing basic hygiene items. These small gifts, when given through the loving channels of our lives, meet a real need in the lives of these men and help open the door for them to know Jesus. Go to the share table pick up an empty box and packing instructions. Bring back the filled box on or before Easter. Each kit costs around $25 to assemble, including a $10 donation for a phone calling card. For more info on Compassion Kits, click here.

As always, I am so grateful for each of you! God is doing incredible things through you and we are praying for even more. Live sent!