The Days Ahead

First, I just want to say thank you so much for making our first Sunday such an incredible day! It was amazing to see so many people on a holiday weekend and to experience the excitement during our Gathering. This past Sunday we had three people indicate beginning a relationship with Jesus and many other decisions such as becoming a member of Vaughn Forest or joining a Life Group. I want to say thank you to all who give generously through your time and resources. Jesus is changing lives through your sacrifice.

We believe the days ahead are going to be incredible for our church as we take new risks and live by faith for God like never before. Please join with me in praying each day for Jesus to continue to bring people into a relationship with Himself and to connect people to His church. As you know we launched our new teaching series “Forward,” and I promise the next three weeks of this series are going to be so fun; so, I pray you will continue to invest your time to be part of it and pray for others who you might invite or who will join us. Let’s continue to be people who choose the purpose of Christ over our preferences! I believe God will continue to bless our efforts. See you Sunday!

Pastor Eric