This Weeks Prayer and Fasting

Twenty five years ago (before I was a father, minister, runner) I had lunch with a mentor and I asked him why he wasn’t eating. He nonchalantly mentioned he was finishing up a two week fast. I was blown away. I got headaches if I missed a meal. I asked him why and he talked to me about spiritual discipline; how he wanted his mind (heart/soul) to listen to the Spirit, and not the body. And how he wanted to train the body to listen to the mind (not the mind listen to the body). He went on to talk about how he never wanted God to tell him to do something that he was not trained and ready to do (physical or spiritual). That is why he ran marathons (painfully slow). That is why he fasted. It was all about training the body to listen to the mind, which was listening to the Spirit. He inspired me. I started running (made it a quarter mile, out of site of the house) before puking. I started fasting (first time I made it till 12:01am and had a grilled cheese). It was embarrassing, but it was a start. And it is what continues to drive me, to discipline myself to ignore the body (because the majority of what your body, and this world, tells you is a lie) and tune in to the spirit. Over the years I have had some of my best conversations with God while on a long run or long bike ride; relying on God for strength. And I have heard from God more clearly and directly while fasting. Both have become two of my methods of disciplining the flesh to better tune in to the Spirit.

I share this with you as a challenge, but also a reminder that we all start somewhere. I try not to boast on my running (except this one time …) or my fasting, as there is always someone better, faster and stronger. They are two of my personal God agreements. If I pay a price to Honor Him, He is always faithful in returning to me more than I ever paid.

I hope everyone is taking Wednesdays to pray and fast. For the church, for your family, for our new pastor, for our nation. But if you haven’t gotten on board, today is the perfect time to start. It’s between you and God. But get ready for God to blow away your expectations.

Hardy Sellers, Administrative Pastor