This Week’s Prayer and Fasting

“Fasting is the denial of a desire of the flesh in order to focus on a spiritual issue.”  -Tony Evans

Food is what most people think when they hear the word Fasting…I think, TV.
God prompted me several years ago to fast from TV…I “lived” to know what was going on in the world, in particular, politics. I would wake up, spend time with God, then immediately turn on the TV to “get ready” for my day. Amidst the TV noise, His still small voice spoke to me. “How can you Hear Me with the TV blaring?” I answered: “I spent time with you; I heard you.” But God, again, gently nudged for me to examine how much time I put into “being in the know.” Right after my intentional time with God, the TV squelched what God had just said to me; it silenced the Word that I could meditate on; it stopped what He continued to whisper to me…ouch. Convicted! The mind-numbing TV was pushing me to move on to this world and to be less concerned about “Walking in the Spirit.” Even though I was praying…as I was watching TV…for our country, our leaders, our situations in America, God still was prompting me, Turn OFF the TV and Focus on ME! Turn to ME! Chose ME! God spoke above the TV blare…only HE has all the answers…not cable news TV.

For me, God was saying:  Fast. From. TV.—Focus. On. GOD.

So, I fasted from TV.   God’s Life Lesson for me:  Live for Him.

I know for some people, they live to eat. I used to be there…soda (for this Yankee), candy, chips, junk food. Now, I eat to live. Those who know me well know that I eat pretty clean. I eat veggies, fruit, and protein…little sugar, little dairy, little wheat. It is by choice (honor God’s Temple) that I eat this way. I am teased by my family, co-workers (Yea for Hardy and PJ…kindred foodies!), and friends for being so “regimented.” I like to live my life with a routine…at times, to a fault. Being regimented with eating…with life…is one thing; but being regimented in my spiritual life is another…it’s numbing; it’s unresponsive; it’s rote. It’s going through the same motions:  go to church on Sunday (or when the doors are open), put a little “something” in the offering plate, read through the Bible every year….It’s legalism; it’s religion. But God wants a relationship with us, not a regimented life. God wants me, wants us to “return to Him with all our heart with fasting….” (Joel 2:12). God has convicted me to submit to Him by fasting…my desires for TV, for a routine, for whatever distracts me from Him! God is asking, “Are you living for you, or are you living for Me?”

As we pray and fast in this season for our lead pastor, our student pastor, our church, God commands us to submit our desires to Him, then He will bring unity and harmony; He will bring Glory to Himself; He will answer our prayers. Because HE IS GOD!

What is your biggest distraction from Him? Pray, then Fast from that which draws you away from Him. God is more important than any desire we have…whether it’s to watch TV or to eat that luscious dessert. Fast from what your flesh draws you toward and away from God; Focus on the spiritual—“walk according to the Spirit, not the flesh” (Romans 8).

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