This Week’s Prayer and Fasting

“Christian fasting is not mainly about what we go without, but who we want more of.” – David Mathis

It is true that I need the Lord for everything. Without his provision, I would not have salvation, grace, mercy, love, life, etc. However, without discomfort (physically or emotionally), I can jump into the day without a reminder that I am not self-sufficient.

I am enjoying this time of fasting because when I feel the discomfort of hunger, I have a physical reminder of my dependence on Jesus. My hunger reminds me of what I need – FOOD. But on a deeper level, what do I want?

John 6:35 – Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.

Personally, this time is helping me celebrate not only needing Jesus but wanting more of him. I desire the deep satisfaction that Jesus talks about in John 6:35.

My prayer for Vaughn Forest as we fast this Wednesday and approach Easter is that we will benefit from the physical reminder of hunger and take time to celebrate that more than we need food, we have a dependence on the resurrected LIVING Jesus! Lord develop in us a hunger … a “want” for more of you!

Join in prayer for people to come to VFC this Easter and have a life-changing encounter with the resurrected living Jesus. Pray for the future Lead Pastor and Student Pastor that Jesus will lead both to VFC soon. Pray for all of us that we will want more of Jesus.

It is a blessing to serve with you,
PJ Beaver, Pastor of Ministries