Trust and Committing to Holiness

But the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, “Because you did not trust me enough to demonstrate my holiness to the people of Israel, you will not lead them into the land I am giving them!” – Numbers 20:10-12 

Have you ever been asked how you know if the Bible is true?  Sometimes a person will say to me, “the Bible was put together by individuals who were trying to convince others about their beliefs.”  They don’t think that the Bible is based upon real events or that it can be trusted.

Well, one of the reasons I believe the Bible is true is because it always tells us the whole story about people.  If I had written the Bible, I would have told the story of David and Goliath but left out the story of David and Bathsheba.  I would have told the story of Peter preaching at Pentecost but left out his denial of Jesus.  And I would have told the story of Moses and the burning bush, but not the story of our verses today.

For all that Moses had seen God do, he did not trust him enough in this one situation and it cost him.  God did not allow Moses to enter the promised land.  Rather than break down all of the reasons why I believe there are two takeaways for us from this story.

First, be encouraged!  No one has ever fully obeyed God in every situation except for Jesus.  So, at the end of the day, Moses was just a regular guy who trusted an awesome God.  But he did still mess up.  He was not perfect.

Second, be warned!  In an age of grace, it is difficult sometimes for all of us to acknowledge that our sins have very real consequences.  God will always forgive us, but the Bible is clear that we will reap what we sow.

So today, let’s commit to holiness, obedience, and trust in God instead of taking situations into our own hands and making decisions that we will regret later when we face the consequences.