Vladimirs Testimony

As Christians, we all have a personal story, a testimony, of how we came to Christ. There is not a prescribed method for God’s plan in every individual. With myself, my parents were the main catalyst for me when I accepted Christ at seven years old. I was blessed to say the least to have them as examples of what it means to be Christians. 

Vladimir serving communion at a Sunday morning worship service. Part of his duties as associate pastor.

I remember specifically asking a lot of questions and even rejecting Christ at one time. It was a Saturday morning and I was in my parents living room when I accepted that Christ as my Lord and Savior. From that day forward I have been proud to call myself a Christian and have sought to be more like Christ, not always successfully.

Even later, as a senior in high school, I knew God was calling me into ministry. I had no clue how God could use someone who was so passionate about television and technology though. I was admittedly confused! It wasn’t until I met someone in 2004 who was doing what I am doing today, someone who encouraged me in more ways then he probably even knows, that I found my true calling.

While in Ukraine, Lawrence Phipps met and was talking to the associate pastor of the church where we were located at for our second day of clinics. Valdimir was his name and he began to share his personal testimony of how God had used his grandfather to lead him to Christ. Lawrence was so moved by his testimony of how his grandfather was held in a prison in Siberia for his faith and later returned, allowing God to use him to reach his family and many others for Christ, that he asked us to record it.

Here now is Vladimir to share his testimony:


Do you have a testimony of how you submitted to Christ? You can have one if you don’t. Let’s talk.