Why Are We Here?

This past Sunday was an amazing finish to our teaching series Love, Sex, and Dating. If you missed any of our messages in this series please check them out on our website vaughnforest.com. My prayer throughout this series was that God would strengthen marriages and prepare those who one day might be married. I have heard many stories of how God has restored marriages and strengthened so many marriages here at Vaughn Forest. I am so grateful to God for all He did these past three weeks.

Starting this coming Sunday we are starting a new teaching series that will be five weeks titled “Why Are We Here?” I am so excited for this series because I am believing that God will use it to radically transform lives in our church community. This will be the first series I have done since I arrived thirteen weeks ago to begin to chart the course for the future of our church community. It will be our most exciting teaching series yet, so I hope you will make it a priority to join each Sunday. Lastly, I want to say a huge thanks to all of you who serve and give to make the life changing ministries of Vaughn Forest happen each and every week! You are all AMAZING and God used you in a BIG way through the thirteen baptisms that happened in the past week through Vaughn Forest.

Live Sent!

Pastor Eric