Day 10


I have not concealed the words of the Holy One.

Job 6:10

I am the Holy Spirit, the Holy One. I am sent from the Father to help you live godly. I am called the Holy One because My nature is holy. The word “Holy” means “separated to God” or “cut off from sin or rebellion against God.” “Holy” is a word that means “pure” or “pristine.” I, the Holy Spirit, am sent to get sinful people ready to live with a holy God. I do that by convicting people of their sin, leading them to live godly lives and I live in them as the Holy One. I will sanctify you to “set you apart” from iniquity. What do you want from Me today?

Your Prayer

Holy Spirit, I recognize my sin; cleanse me from all iniquity.

I want to be holy; come live within my body to separate me from

all that harms my Christian life.

I am the Holy Spirit, the Holy One. I will convict you of sin (See John 16:7-11) and help you live close to God. I will give you a deep desire to get rid of sin. I will guide your steps to walk separated from sin. I will give you a passion to live for God (See 7:37-38). I will help you become holy so you have a deep desire to live for God.

Your Response

I come to You, Holy Spirit; keep me from the temptations of the

world, the flesh, and the Devil. I want to be godly; help me become

more holy. Draw me closer to You. Amen.

Reading: Romans 8:1-17

Key Thought: I am the Holy Spirit sent to make you holy.