Who We Are

Simply put, Vaughn Forest Church is a group of people just like you! Here in the Forest we invite you to come just as you are and join us in our mission of building lives that honor God, all for Jesus.

  • Life is better connected
  • Growing people change
  • Saved people serve people
  • Found people find people

Vaughn Forest Church offers weekly worship gatherings on Sunday mornings at 9:30 and 11:00 AM. Our worship style is relevant, dynamic, and our goal is to make it the best part of your week. There is music, videos, and of course a message from the Bible every week that meets you right where you are at, is easy to apply to your life, and encourages you to be more like Christ.

All ages are welcome, dress however you like, and you are invited to bring your family with you. It doesn’t matter if you like to raise your hands or keep them in your pockets, worship at Vaughn Forest Church is for you!

Get an idea of what to expect on Sunday by checking out one of our recent messages or by listening to our podcast on our messages page.