Day 6


I will be like the dew to Israel. 

Hosea 14:5

I am Dew, the Holy Spirit. I can refresh your spirit with My presence. Feel Me! I am Dew, coming gently to bring refreshment, even when you can’t see Me with your physical eyes. Do you feel the spiritual moisture? I am Dew who leaves your spiritual face damp when it’s not raining. Experience Me! I am Dew, coming silently, invisibly, and softly; let My presence work in your life.

Your Prayer

Holy Spirit, be Dew to refresh me when I’m tired. The unsaved don’t

understand spirituality, nor do they believe in You. Be Dew to moisten

my arid soul to refresh my spirit this day.

I am Dew to reinvigorate your vision; open up your soul to see more things from the Father. I am Dew to reignite those who are about to give up the battle; let Me re-equip you for spiritual warfare. I am Dew to re-invigorate those who quit working. I can reenlist you this day. I am Dew, like the early morning dampness that makes the grass and plants grow, even when there’s no rain. Let Me be Dew who gives you a new purpose in life.

Your Response

Holy Spirit, sometimes I feel like I can’t go forward; I want to give up. My

Spirit needs a new start; I need refreshment in my life. Come let me feel

Your refreshing moisture in my soul. I worship and praise You for the

fresh challenge of this new day. Come, Dew, let me live anew. Amen.

Reading: Hosea 14

Key Thought: I am the Holy Spirit who refreshes your heart like morning dew.