Day 8


The grass withers, the flower fades, because the breath of the LORD 

blows upon it; surely the people are grass.

Isaiah 40:7

I am the Holy Spirit, the Breath of the Lord. I breathe life into all living things. I am the Breath of the Lord that determines how long each thing shall live. That means that I am the Father’s breath that determines when things will die. Originally, I breathed a life cycle into every kind of tree, plant, and grass. And through intermediate forces—wind, cold, and nature’s forces—it is My breaththat determines when each dies. I, the Spirit, breathed a life cycle of 70 years into the normal human body; and by reason of strength, some live into their 80s or beyond (See Psalm 90:10). I, the Spirit, know the length of the days of your life, but you’ll not know which is your last day. So, live this day to its fullest potential; live for Me.

Your Prayer

Holy Spirit, I accept each day You give, and I will live each

one as though it is my last. I’ll live this day to the fullest. May

I glorify You throughout this day.

I am the HolySpirit, the Breath of the Lord. I give you the life of God. Since I live forever, I give eternal life to those who believe in Christ. Since I, the Lord, am holy, I help you live a holy life. Since I, the Lord, am righteous, I give you My Spirit to do the right things.

Your Response

Holy Spirit, breathe on me. Renew Your life in me so I’ll rise up to

shake off the chains that keep me from doing Your will. Amen.

Reading: Isaiah 40:1-11

Key Thought: I the Holy Spirit breathe life into all living things.